The second episode of this series takes you to Rondônia, in the west of Brazil. Situated in the so-called ‘Arc of Deforestation’, it is known for being one of the regions with the highest rates of deforestation, for invasions in indigenous territories, for conflicts in the countryside.

But is also the region where I encountered and found many inspirational people and projects that resist, reforest, reconstruct and reimagine the region. Despite the difficulties, beyond the political reality. The first episode dedicated to this region takes you exactly on this journey: from the history of deforestation and conflicts to reimagination nowadays.

Interviews with:

· Marcela Bonfim (Photographer)
· Ricardo Gilson da Costa Silva (Professor in Geography, Federal University of Rondônia).
· Ederson Lauri Leandro (Photographer)
· Amanda Michalski (Researcher Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) and Federal University of Rondônia).
· Rogerio Torres Cavalcanti (Lawyer and former military police officer).

Presentation and editing: Nadine Vermeulen

Dubbing and translation by: Gustavo Caperutto Da Mota; Luana Cavalcante; Ani Deal; and Joao Paulo Dos Santos Pontes

Music played during this episode, from the beginning until the end: Um Sonho by Naçao Zumbi; O Agro Nunca Para by US Agroboy; and Amazônia Negra by Marcela Bonfim.

Media extracts used are from the New York Times (1990), France 24 (2021), and the documentary ‘Conheça a historia da colonização da região central de Rondônia em 1982’.