In the context of the exhibition about worldwide inequalities, Géopolis invites photographer, activist and storyteller Johnny Miller to talk about his project Unequal Scenes

From the yellow vests movement to discussions about tax avoidance and climate justice, inequality has once again become visible in the public debate. However, structural inequalities and existing power structures that affect everyday lives in urban environments remain often hidden from our view.

Unequal Scenes uses drones to illustrate hidden inequalities in some of the most unequal urban environments worldwide; from South-Africa to Tanzania, India and the United States.. The use of this new technique allowed the photographer to distance himself from the landscape and portray scenes of inequality that define urban landscapes around the world.

On November 7th, Johnny Miller will talk about the project, its objectives, and the outcomes so far.

19:30 – A discussion with Johnny Miller
20:30 – Drink and visit of the exhibition ‘Worldwide inequalities’.

Picture by Johnny Miller Photography

For more information about the project:
Twitter: @johnny_miller_photography